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(from Barcelona) Yeah Ibiza Trip By Happy Erasmus

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The content is not yet available in English. Below you'll find the original text. THE LONG AWAITED TRIP TO IBIZA IN SPRING 2018 IS HERE! YEAH IBIZA TRIP National Event! Departure Date and Time:27/04/2018 21:00Arrival Date and Time:02/05/2018 20:00The arrival time may be subject to possible variations depending on external factors such as: traffic highways, shipment, etc ...VERY IMPORTANT: THE TRIP WILL BE SOLD AT THE SPECIAL PRICE OF 225? ONLY IN CASE, THE RESERVATION FEE OF 55? IS PAID BY 23:59, 28TH OF FEBRUARY!!! ?AFTER THIS DEADLINE, THE PRICE OF THE TRIP WILL INCREASE TO 240?, WITH THE RESERVATION FEE OF 70? NECESSARY TO BE PAID BY 31ST OF MARCH!!!?The second part of payment will be required during the first half of April.IN APRIL, THE PRICE WILL BE 260? AND IT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE WHOLE PRICE IN ONE PAYMENT!?In this edition of a nati
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